Meet Preston, our associate photographer

We are thrilled to have Preston Miller on our team. He’s everything we’d ever hoped for in an associate photographer and so much more. Here’s a little bit about what it means to be an associate photographer, how it works when you book Preston, plus some samples of his heartfelt imagery.

What is an associate photographer?

An associate photographer works in association with another photography company that is not his or her own business. There are many photographers out there that love photography but hate the business side of things. And the cold, hard truth is that running a photography business is about 85% business, 15% actually taking photos. Being an associate photographer means getting to focus on what you love…taking photos.

Why we’ve always dreamt of having an associate photographer:

One of the drawbacks to being a wedding photographer is that once we’ve booked a date, we’re no longer able to take any other work for that day. For years Mark & I have dreamt of building a team of associate photographers, until we really dove in to the nitty gritty of what that looked like. We did a trial run with several different photographers only to learn that our standards were really high. We needed someone that we could trust explicitly to care for our couples as much as we do.

Why Preston?

I met Preston at a photography retreat in 2019. His deep love of his craft and care for those in front of his camera spoke to me immediately. That year he joined me on several weddings around Colorado and through that experience I was able to see that he was everything Mark & I had been looking for in an associate photographer.

What makes Preston the perfect fit for ONCEWEST:

  • He’s a skilled photographer with a love of his craft
  • He’s not interested in the business side of things (while I love the business side), making for a really fun collaboration of our strengths.
  • He’s not only a mountain lover but very in-tune with the unique logistics of mountain weddings
  • He’s empathetic, caring, and devoted to creating a great experience for our couples and their people
  • He’s calm, kind, and professional
  • He knows when to help and when to be stealth
  • He’s all around a great guy who’s fun and easy to be around

How it works when you book Preston:

Preston is your photographer and I (Michele) am your point of contact and photo editor. Preston captures your photos while I take care of preparation before the wedding and photo delivery after the wedding.

You’ll get to meet Preston one month before your wedding when I host a Zoom call with all four of us. At that time you’ll get to know one another, we’ll walk through your timeline, as well as go over any questions that you or Preston may have for one another. By the end of the call you should know exactly what you can expect from him on your wedding day.

Collectively, Preston & I work together to deliver an experience centered around our core beliefs.

Originally from Louisiana, Preston moved to Colorado in 2009 and has fallen deeply in love with the Rockies ever since.

A few fun and totally random facts about Preston:

Childhood Ambition
To drive the street sweeper truck or be a pilot. When I was 6, these were both just as cool in my mind.

Fondest Memory
Going to Hawaii and exploring the Big Island with my wife for our honeymoon.

Happy Place
Anytime I’m by water or with dogs; twice as good if those things are combined.

Wildest Dream
To move to Hawaii and become a surf bum. FYI, I’ve never surfed a day in my life.

Proudest Moment
Marrying my incredible wife Amber.

Greatest Accomplishment
Moving to Colorado when I was 21 with hardly anything in my bank account and starting life in a totally new place.

Biggest Challenge
Finishing my college degree after taking 5 years off.

Favorite Movie
Forrest Gump

Favorite Music

Favorite Quote
Bloom where you’re planted

Photos by Preston:

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