Cart Driver Wedding Photos | Denver, Colorado

A close (and very talented) friend of mine specializes in photographing foodie weddings, weddings that look more like a joy-filled dinner party centered around incredible food than your more traditional “wedding”. I wasn’t entirely sure what this looked like until photographing Haley & Kyle’s wedding at Cart Driver LoHi in Denver this past fall.

A short but sweet standing ceremony was followed by gathering and socializing around an array of mouth-watering appetizers, beautifully-crafted cocktails, and delicious wood-fired pizza. Haley said that her and Kyle wanted to “bring their communities together in a joyful way” and I can’t imagine a more joyful way of gathering than around amazing food and top-notch service. The crew at Cart-Driver obviously has a passion for what they do. The entire experience and atmosphere was second-to-none.

I cannot wait to hopefully photograph another wedding-themed dinner party at Cart-Driver. Until then, if you’re looking for the perfect restaurant to host your Denver wedding, here are some photos to give you a feel for all that Cart-Driver LoHi has to offer…

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