a wedding destination in Breckenridge, Colorado
{updated in 2020}
Ten Mile Station is a popular wedding destination located on the slopes of Peak 9 in Breckenridge.  If you’ve ever skiied or snowboarded in Breck, chances are high you’ve stopped in Ten Mile for a bite to eat on your way down the mountain.  Come summer, Ten Mile Station is transformed in to a one-of-a-kind wedding destination.  As the snow recedes, a dirt road is revelead that makes this venue easily accessible to those wanting to share the magic of the mountains with their friends and family.  

Five things you will love about Ten Mile Station:

1.  The view.
From the patio at Ten Mile Station the mountains are right there in front of you.  Step inside and you’re still able to enjoy the same view from the dining room thanks to all the windows pointed directly at Bald Mountain.
2.  The ceremony site.
Ceremonies at Ten Mile take place on the patio right outside the building.  It’s convenient, easy to access and has some of the best views around.
3.  The look and feel.
The design and decor of Ten Mile has a less rustic feel than some mountain venues.  While it still offers that quintessential Colorado vibe, you won’t find any antlers or exposed log beams here.
4.  The seclusion.
You get all of Ten Mile Station to yourself, making it feel as though you have all of Peak 9 to share with just you and your people.
5.  The accessibility.
For the seclusion and views that Ten Mile Station has to offer, it’s remarkably easy to get to.  From downtown Breck, it only takes about 10-15 minutes, about a mile of that on a dirt road.  

A collection of Ten Mile Station wedding photos:

01-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 02-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg The dining room: 03-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 04-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 05-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 06-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg {Cake by Katy Pierson} 07-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 08-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 09-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 10-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg {Ceremony decor by Bloom} 11-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 12-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 13-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 14-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 15-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg {Ceremony decor by Bloom}   Guests arriving to a ceremony: 16-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 17-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 18-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 19-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 20-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 21-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 22-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 23-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 24-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 25-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 26-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 27-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 28-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 29-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 30-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg The ceremony site on the patio outside Ten Mile Station: 31-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 32-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 33-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 34-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 35-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 36-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 37-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg Cocktail hour on the patio: 38-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 39-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 40-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 41-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 42-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 43-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 44-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 45-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg Bald Mountain as seen from the patio: 46-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 47-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg {Reception decor by Cori Cook Floral Design} 48-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 49-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 50-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 51-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 52-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 53-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg Views of Bald Mountain from Ten Mile’s dining room: 54-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 55-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 56-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 57-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 58-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 59-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 60-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 61-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 62-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 63-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 64-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 65-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 66-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg 67-photos-of-ten-mile-station-weddings.jpg

How to book your wedding at Ten Mile Station

Contact Group Sales at Breckenridge Ski Resort to request a proposal or more information about hosting your wedding at Ten Mile Station.

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