Engagement photos: outfit inspiration & tips

Is your engagement photo session coming up and you’re wondering what to wear? Here are a few tips to help you put together the perfect outfits for you and your partner!

Comfort and confidence matter most

How you feel in your clothes will inform how you feel in front of the camera. If you’re comfortable, it will show. If you’re wearing an outfit you love that gives you confidence, that will show as well. Make comfort and confidence priority in what you wear and you’re most likely to love the outcome of your photos.

Don’t experiment with an entirely new look

We don’t recommend wearing an entirely new outfit that you’ve never worn before. Brand new clothing isn’t tried and tested and has the potential to leave you feeling not quite as comfortable and confident as you’d like to be.

Layers offer variety (and are weather-friendly)

Incorporating a jacket, vest, pull-over, scarf, hat, etc. makes it easy to mix things up depending on your mood. And since we never know exactly what kind of weather the mountains have in store for us, layers help keep you comfortable in a variety of temps.

Consider your color palette

The colors you choose to wear will inform much of the overall aesthetic of your photos. If you wear bold, bright colors, your photos will be vibrant with lots of contrast between you and the background. If you wear neutral tones, your photos will be mores soft and subtle. Think about your overall wardrobe (even think about your home decor), what feels most like you?

If you’re drawn to a soft, subtle look, make sure both of your outfits share the same color palette. If one of you wears primarily dark tones (grey, black, brown) and the other wears primarily light colors (white, tan), there will be a lot of contrast between your two outfits.

Compliment one another’s outfits

If one of you decides on a shirt or dress with a pattern (whether it be plaid, floral or otherwise) the other should aim to go with a solid. Multiple patterns will compete with each other making it not as pleasing on the eyes as solid colors.

Plan on two different looks

Whether it be two entirely different outfits or just two different looks (by removing a vest, adding a scarf, etc.), planning on more than one look gives your photos some variety. Some couples will wear one formal outfit and one casual. Other couples will simply change their shirts or just add or remove some accessories.

Morgan & Ryan simply added coats but it gave their photos an entirely different look:

Amber & Jon started in a more formal look then changed in to something casual:

Wear mountain-friendly footwear

Most locations we go for engagement sessions involve walking on a dirt road or hiking trail. And every now and then there will be a little bit of bushwhacking if an especially great photo-op presents itself. Since getting around the mountains in high heels can be difficult, let us know ahead of time if you’re planning on heels so that we can choose an appropriate location!

Don’t stray too far from your norm

In other words, don’t overthink it. If you have a favorite outfit that you LOVE and wear all the time, wear that. If your partner has a jacket or fleece that is so “him”, go with that. These photos are all about having fun and documenting the two of you, as you are, at this wonderful, fleeting stage in your relationship. Your wedding is all about getting fancy and wearing something you’ll never wear again. Let your engagement photos be all about the two of you, just as you are.

P.S. Dogs are the best accessory

Dogs go with engagement photo sessions like peanut butter goes with jelly. Just in case you were wondering.

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